Theraflow 8 Air Alternating Mattress: Active Air Support For Maximum Comfort And Therapy

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  • The Theraflow 8 Alternating Mattress is a revolutionary product that offers active air support for patients.
  • Quick-release connectors are available for every cell, allowing complete offloading under any part of the body.
  • The mattress comes with a Belgian multi-stretch top cover, which is both comfortable and effective for therapy.
  • Soft and flexible PU cells ensure that patients receive the best possible support.
  • The mattress’s control unit is powerful and almost silent, allowing it to quickly support patient loads of up to 200kg.
  • The alternating pressure feature of the mattress ensures that pressure is released across the rest of the body.
  • The Theraflow 8 Alternating Mattress can be easily converted to a pumpless support system by removing the air hoses from the base.
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The Theraflow 8 Air Alternating Mattress represents a quantum leap in active air support. Quick-release connectors for every cell enable complete offloading if so chosen under any part of the body. Belgian multi-stretch top cover together with soft, flexible PU cells ensure comfortable effective therapy. Its compact, powerful yet almost silent control unit can quickly support patient loads of up to 200kg whilst alternately allowing pressure to be released across the rest of the body.


  • Static Conversion: Simply remove the air hoses from the base to convert an active alternating overlay to a pumpless support system.
  • Bluetooth Control Unit: Real-time remote control and patient monitoring on a free Apple or iOS App. Solenoid valves and strong motors ensure 25% more effective therapy than competing systems.
  • A unique internal Hyper-Stretch Coverlet is fitted under the Theraflow 8 top cover to ensure maximum patient comfort and insulation.
  • The power cord is run inside the mattress to avoid dangerous placement under the bed or on the floor


Control Unit:

Dimensions  W 27 x H 21 x D 10cm
Mode of Operation Non-Continuous
Power Rating 240V 50Hz 12VA
Transport Function Hose End Cap
Air Flow 250W × 2 pcs brushless motors
Auto Startup
Auto Sensor for Patient Weight Profile and Position 
Comfort Override Control 
Self Diagnostics 
Audible/Visual Alarm 
Mute Function 
Static Mode  Timeout – 60 minutes
Care Mode  Timeout – 20 minutes
Incline mode with Auto Tilt Sensor 
Auto Anti Tamper – 2-Second Unlock Function 
Weight 2.5kg

Mattress Replacement

Dimensions Standard L 200 x W 90 x H 21cm
Dimensions King Size L 200 x W 107 x H 21cm
Alternating Cell Type Single Chamber
Overall Cell Count 18
Cell Material Pure TPU
Top Cover Dahlia Bi-Elastic 2-way stretch – welded
Base Nylon TPU welded
Cell Cycle 1 in 3
Alternating Mode 10 minutes per alternation
Infection Control Welded Top Cover, Zip, and Base
Mattress Attachment Adjustable Bed Frame Straps

Hyperstretch Coverlet

Dimension L 200 x W 90 x H 1cm
Attachment Top Cover Zip
Cover Material High-Performance Microfibre
Foam Dunlop Marathon Hypersoft HS18-35 with Ultrafresh


Pump 2 Years
Soft Goods 2 Years
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