Return & Refund

How do I return an item?

We don’t have a return policy on Change of mind for our products, however, we have an exchange policy only within 30 days from the initial purchase date with a deduction of 20% restocking fee from the invoice amount (excluding VAT & Shipping fee). Kindly note that the product should be in the original state and packing. For further details, you can send us an email at or call +64 9886 0030.

I received something different than what I ordered?

We will take the full responsibility for the shipment (to/from our retail showroom) if the mistake is from our side. If you mistakenly ordered the product, you will take the full responsibility as per our exchange policy. This will be applied only within 48 hours from the initial purchase date.

What is Gilani Mobility’s warranty policy?

We do offer warranty under our manufacturer guarantee policy for most of our products. One year on the electric parts and one year on the frame.

What does mean manufacturer guarantee? It means that our products are covered under our warranty policy if they are defect/not working as they should due to the manufacturing/production line. Our warranty policy may include repair, replacement of parts or replacement of the whole product.

Misused products are not included in this warranty policy.

For example: you unpack your brand new wheelchair and you find out that there is a big crack on the front wheel. In this case a new wheel will be sent to you for the replacement free of charge under warranty.

We advise our customers to take photos, notes and videos of the faulty product upon arrival of a product and to notify us within 48 hours on the arrival of the faulty product to secure your warranty claim.

Who is responsible for shipping a product to/from Gilani Mobility for repair under warranty?

When a product is eligible for repair, part replacement or full replacement under the warranty, the customer is responsible for booking a delivery and pick up to/from our warehouse including all fees in this regard.