Aluminium Custom Made Ramps For Home Modifications For Disability

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  • Portable Aluminium Ramps
  • Custom Made to suit your unique needs
  • Foldable for easy storage and transportation
  • Many different variations to suit all situations
  • Aluminium heavy duty material
  • Weight capacity between 200-300Kgs
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Custom-made aluminium ramps are one of a kind, due to their build and the way it is designed.

Our engineers are trained and equipped with the knowledge to make precise calculations for your custom ramps.

Our portable wheelchair ramp is made in the workshop by our trusted team. We are constantly improving ourselves so that we can provide the best quality in the market. Our aluminium ramps for sale can be installed to fit a certain surface in your home and we also have portable ramps that enable the connivance of taking it everywhere.

The benefit of having a custom wheelchair ramp is that it allows the physically disabled as well as elderly people to enjoy the freedom of moving around places without having to worry about whether the wheelchair will be able to access a certain place.

Features of the Aluminium Ramps:

  • Portable foldable design
  • Heavy-duty aluminium material
  • Length: between 20-300 cm
  • Width: 70-120 cm
  • 200-350 weight capacity

Frequently Asked Questions:

1- Where can I use this ramp?

Light-weight aluminium telescopic ramps are fantastic compact solutions to be used anywhere that you have an obstacle to overcome. They can be used for loading and offloading equipment from the back of a vehicle. They can be used for entries, into shops, and homes and to overcome other obstacles. You can choose between different lengths for different inclines. You can virtually use it anywhere you need a portable easy access solution.

2- What is the maximum height obstacle to overcome?

There is no exact rule or regulation for the maximum height of the obstacle that you can use in conjunction with these ramps. However, it depends if the ramps are being used for a wheelchair/mobility user or if it is just used to load/offload or to transfer equipment in and out of a vehicle.

If it is used for loading/off-loading it can be used at much larger heights but if it is used for a person in an electric wheelchair or a mobility scooter it cannot be too steep for safety.

There is no exact legislation stating the maximum height requirements. However, for removable or portable ramps at home, the ramp should not have a gradient exceeding 1:10 for safety so you would avoid putting the ramp too steep.

For Vehicles, ramps should not exceed the gradient of 1:8.

Inside homes, permanent ramps should not exceed a gradient of 1:12.

Contact us for more information if you would like to have a permanent ramp access solution for home modification.

3- Can it be used whilst I am seated in my wheelchair?

Yes, it certainly can!  you can be seated whilst using your wheelchair or scooter on the ramp. you can also put the wheelchair or scooter on manual mode and push it up manually.

4-What could I use an access ramp for?

A wheelchair access ramp improves your ability to get in and out of your home. If you require a wheelchair or walker to move around, a wheelchair access ramp will allow you to easily enter or leave your house or move from room to room, completely unaided.